Our Vision for Self Care

We believe that non-alcoholic craft beer should taste just as great as any other traditional craft beer you may have tried in the past. We are committed to developing brewing techniques that allow for the delicate hop aromatics and nuanced grain characteristics to shine through without being muddled or muted. The processes we are developing as we brew new batches are built around doing everything we can to preserve these qualities, while avoiding a worty sweetness that tastes like underfermented beer.

With that, our processes continue to change with each new non-alcoholic beer and style we brew. There is no playbook for what we are doing - we are essentially re-inventing the wheel to make it roll better. We are learning lots with each new batch, and letting each resulting beer inform the beer that follows. Each beer style may require a little something different from a process standpoint, and rather than apply a one-size-fits-all solution, we are developing unique approaches for each style of beer we brew.

Thanks for visiting DrinkSelfCare.com, and for buying our beer. We sincerely appreciate your support and feedback as we continue to develop what we believe will become the gold standard for non-alcoholic craft beer.

~ The Self Care Team ~