Inclement Weather Shipping Policy


But, um...not THAT cold...


Unfotunately, lack of alcohol also means higher freezing temperatures than regular beer. And, let's be honest - we've all been there. Putting a can of beer in the freezer and then forgetting about it. Well, the same thing can happen in transit.

And, unfortunately, there's just not a cost effective way to include any sort of warming device. So we've got to be strategic when scheduling your shipments. We already only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays (depending on the shipping time estimates), to ensure that your beer doesn't sit in the back of a truck or a warehouse during extreme cold or hot weather events. But when cold spells hit for days on end, we will need to ship around those cold spells.

Luckily, a frozen beer doesn't really affect its flavor. Once thawed, your beer should taste just as good as before it was frozen. That is, IF your can doesn't explode!

This winter, we're going to be strategically shipping your beers based upon where you live, and what the weather forcast looks like. For instance, if it's well below freezing in the northeast, but you live in the southern US, then we'll ship to you right away. If you live in the NE, however, we may wait until there's a couple of days of above-freezing temperatures. Don't worry, we won't wait too long - we know you really want that beer! We'll try our best to thread the needle, and ship as soon as we see even a short area of opportunity. As always, please be patient with us. This is only our second winter shipping Non-Alcoholic beer accross the country, and so we are learning as we go.


If your beer does freeze and explode, then send us a pic, and we'll ship you replacements as soon as the weather looks appropriate enough to try again (fool us once, shame on you, weather. Fool us twice? Shame on us!).