Inclement Weather Shipping Policy


Updated 1.12.24

Extreme temperatures are simply not good for shipping sealed containers of liquid, plain and simple. And, unfortunately, we have very little control of the shipping conditions of our product by our shipping partners. While brief amounts of time in a warehouse, transfer station, or the back of a truck in extreme cold or hot conditions will generally not affect our product, sometimes our product can sit too long in these conditions.

Extreme cold temperatures will freeze the beers, which have a higher freezing temperature than regular beer because of the lack of alcohol, causing the cans to bulge or even burst in transit.

On the flip side, extreme heat can cause the liquid to expand, or worse, if it's hot enough, it can potentially cause a secondary fermentation process. Unfortunately, it can also slightly affect the freshness of our beer that we work so hard to preserve by not pasteurizing or dealcoholizing. This means that we can ship the same product accross the country to the same city with the same weather conditions, and one package will arrive completely in-tact, while the other may show up with burst cans or overcarbonated. This is an example of one package being left in extreme temperatures for much longer than the other package.

For example, both packages can be in the back of a delivery truck on a 100 degree day, however one is delivered at 10am, while the other is in the truck for the entire day and gets delivered at 8pm. And the back of the truck will absorb heat and act like an oven, and get hotter and hotter throughout the day. And without significantly raising our shipping costs, which, being a very small producer we'd need to pass along to you, the consumer, we have no control over how long that package is in the truck.


In the meantime, we may need to delay your order if your delivery address is experiencing extreme weather, and wait to ship it until the forecast shows more mild weather before. We know this isn't ideal, but being a small operation, it's simply where we're at right now. We want to serve you the best product we can, and so we're putting the financial risk on ourselves, and the worst you'll experience is a potential delay in your shipment, or the need for a replacement package to be shipped. If you have questions about your shipment or would like to make a special request for delivery, please contact us at


If your beer does experience extreme temperatures during transit and any cans burst, or if your beer pours overcarbonated, then send us a pic, and we'll ship you replacements as soon as the weather looks appropriate enough to try again (fool us once, shame on you, weather. Fool us twice? Shame on us!).


If you open your box and there are ANY bulging cans, please dispose of them ASAP in your garbage bin. Do not try and open the cans. If they have enough pressure to bulge the can, then they have enough pressure to make a huge mess in your kitchen, and the sharp aluminum edges have the potential to cut you.