Care Club Terms & Conditions

Thanks for looking into our Care Club! There's a lot of things we have going on with this club, so this page is just to clarify and make sure we're all on the same page!

FREE SHIPPING: Free shipping is valid as soon as you purchase your Care Club, and through the end of 2022. The free shipping applies to all orders PLACED during this timeframe, not when they are shipped. Your account will automatically be set up for free shipping as soon as your Care Club purchase is completed, so if you wish to purchase beer as well, please complete your Care Club purchase FIRST to ensure your free shipping applies correctly! Free shipping is also only valid on purchases of TWO (2) or more 4-packs (it costs us about $15 to ship one $14 four pack of beer!).

FIRST DIBS ACCESS: Care Club members will get an email with exclusive links to preorder new beers ONE WEEK before the preorders go live on the website. Likewise, new releases preordered by Care Club members will ship out the week prior to the availability to the general public. Please note that due to limitations of our web store platform, subscriptions and other promotions may not qualify for First Dibs Access.

LAST DIBS ACCESS: When an item goes below a specific threshold, it will be pulled from the website, and ONLY available through emailed links in our Care Club exclusive emails.

DOUBLE REWARDS POINTS: Starting in 2022, all Self Care customers will begin accumulating rewards points for each 4-pack ordered, which they may redeem on free shipping, free 4-packs, or swag. Rewards points have no cash value, and are non-transferrable. Our first swag will become available in January of 2022, and more swag will be added throughout the year, and beyond. While there will not be a lot of swag available early on, the swag options will grow over time. All rewards purchased with your rewards points will delivered in the same box as your next Self Care Order.

AND MORE: We're going to be tweaking this program constantly and making it the bestest darned club ever! We're super stoked to see where it goes.

fine print: no refunds on Care Club memberships. First Dibs shipping MAY BE affected by extreme weather events, especially during cold spells when we may need to delay shipments accross the country so that your cans don't, like, explode and stuff. we aren't lawyers, so we're simply trying to be as up-front and thorough as we can without getting all technical and shit. this certainly this leaves room for interpretation to an extent, but for the most part, just know that what we're trying to tell you, is that we're going to be reasonable, and we're going to ask the same of you! for instance, yeah, we may make a refund exception, but we're pretty sure we need to say "no refunds" to keep those one or two people out of a thousand from gaming our system. if you've read this far, cool. you're cool. and thorough.