SHIPPING POLICY & SHIPPING DETAILS – Effective 3/22/22 (Subject to periodic revision)


Orders via ship for $10.00 flat shipping, up to (4) 4-pack Self Care products.  Thereafter, each additional increment of (1-2) Self Care 4-packs ships at a cost of an additional $5.00.  To remove any uncertainty, our shipping tables are as follows*:

  • Up to (4) 4-packs: $10.00
  • (5-6) 4-packs: $15.00
  • (7-8) 4-packs: $20.00
  • (9-10) 4-packs: $25.00
  • (11-12) 4-packs: $30.00
  • (13-14) 4-packs: $35.00
  • (15-16) 4-packs: $40.00
  • (17-18) 4-packs: $45.00
  • (19-20) 4-packs: $50.00
  • (21-22) 4-packs: $55.00
  • (23-24) 4-packs: $60.00

You will see these shipping charges populate in your Shopping Cart at checkout. Currently, maximum order quantity is (24) 4-packs; we want to share our great Self Care beer with as many people as possible!  

*Note: We are still evaluating how much of the shipping costs we can absorb.  Shipping prices are subject to change and will be updated in this section if we change our policy.

ORDER MINIMUMS: It costs us the same to ship one 4-pack as it does two 4-packs (around $15), so we do have a minimum order of two 4packs per order. As we grow and are able to bring our shipping costs down, we will reevaluate this minimum order.


For those customers who are local residents of the Olympia/Tumwater/Lacey, (Washington state market) near our headquarters, you can order Self Care products via our sister site, where you can arrange for FREE local delivery or pick-up.


To ensure the freshness and quality of Self Care non-alcoholic beer, we currently ship nationwide to 41 states using 1/2/3-day USPS Priority Mail on Mondays and Tuesdays only.  Orders received by 3pm on Monday/Tuesday will generally ship same-day.  Orders received on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Weekend will generally ship the following Monday.

Why do we limit the days of the week that we ship our Self Care non-alcoholic beer?  This helps minimize the transit time that the beer remains unrefrigerated in mailing facilities during the summer (and winter) seasons, preserving the quality of the beer.  Beer that is allowed to overheat or freeze is not great beer.  You may be used to pasteurized or reverse-distilled NA beer.  We don't do that. We like the flavor of hops. And we want you to taste them. Especially the nuanced flavors that can be affected by heat.  That means we always keep our beer cold in storage after production, and you should too!  Even pantry or garage storage during warm weather months can wreak havoc on the quality of your beer. Refrigeration will preserve flavor, and prevent any potential refermentation in the can.  Your taste buds will thank you.  And we thank you!


Unfortunately, we are not currently shipping to the following states, due to current logistical and legal regulations for doing business in these states:

  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • South Carolina


We will send you your tracking number when your package has left our packing facility. Orders will be fulfilled on a rolling basis Monday through Friday, excluding mail holidays. We will do everything we can to ensure your beer is not kept for extended periods in a hot warehouse, so we will arrange for pick-up the day of packing.


We currently use USPS Priority Mail as our default and primary shipping service.  Self Care packages will be shipped with USPS Tracking, which provides updates as the item travels to its destination, including date and time of delivery or attempted service.

Tracking services for USPS can be found online at:


Some packages may occasionally ship via UPS.

Tracking services for USPS can be found online at

Additionally, if you want to change your delivery options, UPS has a few available options to redirect your Self Care package. These options include A) Choosing to Deliver to Another Address; B) Reschedule Delivery for a different day; or C) Have your package held at UPS for Will Call.

To update your Delivery Options:

1.  Track your package using the tracking number provided.

2.  Click on "Delivery Options"

3.  Choose your Delivery Updates:


Returns are not permitted. If you believe you have received a flawed beer, please contact us and we will make things right. We will ask for details so that we can improve our customer experience! If you have received a damaged package, please take a photo of the package BEFORE, during and after opening, so that we have visual proof for UPS, and we will send replacements for the damaged product.


Some of our Care Club customers have reported issues getting their free shipping option to pre-populate during the checkout process. Thanks to feedback from the experience customers are having, and real-time observation of the checkout process in testing, we believe we have isolated a couple root causes. 

As we understand it, communication of apps and browsers can complicate this for some users. What we have come to believe is that there can be some wonkiness between stored payment apps (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, etc.) and browsers. Each browser handles Shopify websites a little different, in terms of their appearance and UI, and specifically the checkout process.

For the vast majority of customers, the free shipping option prepopulates during the checkout process. However, below are some suggestions for making sure that Care Club members enjoy their free shipping benefit, should it not pre-populate during checkout: 


  • Customer reported not seeing either pre-population default of Care Club Free Shipping (based on customer ID), or menu/button option to change it to Care Club Free Shipping, was using payment app (e.g., Shop Pay/Google Pay/Apple Pay)

 On the platform we use (Shopify), Shop Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay unfortunately bypass the shipping options. We’ve tried to find a workaround, but it just seems like that isn’t possible. If you want to pay with those forms of payment, please make sure you go to your cart, and then go all the way to the final check out step, and do not hit any of those “pay” buttons until you get to the very end. From there, you should be able to change the shipping from the Flat Rate to your FREE Care Club Shipping rate.


  • This customer reported the same problem, however they eventually were able to see a navigation/menu/button option that enabled them to change it.

In this scenario, the customer had the standard shipping fee applied to their order when they initiated checkout via Shop Pay. They then noticed the "Care Club Free Shipping" option via a drop-down menu/button. They selected this manually, and had no further issues processing the order with their free shipping benefit.

If you continue to experience issues with free shipping benefits associated with your Care Club membership, please send an email to, and customer service representative will be in touch to help!

Current as of April 15 2022