Coconut Dark Ale

Name: Self Care Dark Coconut Ale

Style: Non-Alcoholic Dark Ale

ABV: Less than 0.5% ABV 

Quantity: 4pack/16oz. cans

Description: Like a dark lager, this beer is incredibly drinkable and refreshing. Loads of raw coconut and coconut toasted in-house help to bring balance to the overall coconut impression. It's sweet but not cloyingly so, and nutty and savory, yet not too heavy. We accomplished this by using Washington premium grown malt as well as staples from English malt houses dating back to the 1900's. To take the flavor composition to another level it was also dry-hopped, with coconut forward hops, which imparted an additional subtle coconut and oak character. This may be our first dabbling into producing a dark NA beverage, but we couldn't be more chuffed with how it turned out. 

WARNING: similar to many juices, kombucha, and other beverages you'll find in the grocery store, this product has not been pasteurized, and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.
PLEASE NOTE: like other beverage industries have been doing for centuries, we mitigate the potential for bacterial growth in other ways, rather than to pasteurize and destroy the nuanced flavors that make our beer stand out from many pasteurized non-alcoholic beer offerings, though we do acknowledge pasteurization is the most effective way to inhibit bacterial growth, or potential for refermentation in the can. Risk may be exacerbated by prolonged warm storage, so to mitigate risk, always cold-store Self Care immediately upon receipt, and avoid exposure to extreme heat.
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