Healthy Punk Modern Cerveza

Name: Healthy Punk

Style: Non-Alcoholic Modern Cerveza

ABV: Less than 0.5% ABV 

Quantity: 4pack/16oz. cans 

About the Brew: A few months back, some friends of friends (and now our friends!), the band Chastity Belt, approached us about brewing a Three Magnets beer to help them celebrate the ten year anniversary of their debut album, No Regerts, which will be reissued on Vinyl in late July on Suiced Squeeze records. As we talked about this project, and they learned about Self Care, they thought it would be super cool if we also brewed a non-alcoholic beer. And we agreed! And thusly, Three Magnets Pussy Weed Beer, and Self Care's Healthy Punk were conceived!

If you've never listened to the album, we highly recommend you give it a go. Here are some quotes from reviews:

"No Regerts sounds young and callow and smart and horny all at the same time. Playing it feels like a night out." - Pitchfork
"No Regerts often centered around a riot grrrl ethos of female empowerment and rebellion..." - Paste Magazine
"With complex interlocking guitar lines, slower tempos, and a consistently tumultuous musical atmosphere, No Regerts recalls the work of early-90's bands..." - All Music
You may be asking, "isn't it kind of dumb to name a non-alcholic beer after a song that is a party anthem about drinking and drugging?" Well...yeah. It is kind of dumb. But on the flip side, not only is the name Healthy Punk perfect for a non-alcoholic beer, but it also serves as an example as to how far the acceptance of drinking non-alcoholic beers has come. So much so that a band that partied hard ten years ago is now asking for sober and sober-curious representation to help them and their fans celebrate. And frankly, we think that's kinda cool. More cool than it is dumb, anyway, lol. Anyway, buy the beer. And if you don't already have it, order the album

Brewer's Notes: What’s a modern cerveza? With some of the biggest players in NA already offering some sorta shape-shifting clone of a full-strength version, why should we do it that way? It’s that punk ethos that makes us a handful. So, the hell with making cerveza with rules, especially those Germanic ones that shaped the original lagers of Mexico. Going against the grain here we traded out mega cheap commodity two row for Walla Walla, Washington’s finest craft malt from Mainstem Malting. Did we mention the punk band we made this for (and with), Chastity Belt, is from Walla Walla originally? We can’t skip out on adding corn and crystal malt to give a classic profile. It's also classic to use German hops in the boil/hotside but we wanted to careful to not over bitter your expectations of a cerveza. When you only work with one hop it reminds me of a single versus an entire album (to borrow a metaphor). You can get much more intensity out of a single hop in what it can do for you. When you combine hops subtly you can use opposing and equal flavors to shape a profile even if its done gently, like some damn fine silky surf punk. 

Anyway, we cooled the whirlpool down significantly so bitterness wouldn’t transfer from using two Neo Mexicanus hop varieties. Classic American hops have been found growing in the mountains of New Mexico, found growing in Mexico and crossbred and tested extensively before being released. We selected Zappa and Sabro hops, They carry a bit more bold citrus flavors than the old world hops used predominantly in Europe. Even on a reduced whirlpool hop quantity compared to our IPA’s the mango, lychee and hints of coconut pop. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever had. Like experiencing that new band to you and their album that was recommended. I’m right now recommending Chastity Belt, and the Album No Regerts (that's spelled correctly, BTW). Brewing is rooted in art more than many would think. 

WARNING: similar to many juices, kombucha, and other beverages you'll find in the grocery store, this product has not been pasteurized, and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.
PLEASE NOTE: like other beverage industries have been doing for centuries, we mitigate the potential for bacterial growth in other ways, rather than to pasteurize and destroy the nuanced flavors that make our beer stand out from many pasteurized non-alcoholic beer offerings, though we do acknowledge pasteurization is the most effective way to inhibit bacterial growth, or potential for refermentation in the can. Risk may be exacerbated by prolonged warm storage, so to mitigate risk, always cold-store Self Care immediately upon receipt, and avoid exposure to extreme heat.


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