Cool Beans! Coffee Stout

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Name: Self Care Cool Beans

Style: Dark Coffee Stout

ABV: Less than 0.22% ABV 

Quantity: 4pack/16oz. cans

Description: Coffee was brought up for a Three Magnets brewery collaboration with our friends at Olympia Coffee Roasters (a Roast Magazine Micro Roastery of the Year Award Winner).

But we decided it would instead be way more cool to pursue a Self Care collaboration, because, frankly, we love coffee beers. But we aren't too keen on drinking coffee in the evening, nor drinking beer in the morning - so it just makes sense! On coffee delivery day, we threw SO MANY pounds of freshly ground coffee into the brew - so many, in fact, that we broke our old industrial coffee grinder (momentarily - we got it working again though!). And with the grain bill bustling with milk chocolate notes this brew really tastes like eating a chocolate covered coffee bean. Well, many of them. Sip, after sip, after sip. It's that freaking good.

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