West Coast IPA (Batch #2)

Name: Self Care West Coast IPA - Batch #2

Style: Non-Alcoholic West Coast IPA

ABV: Less than 0.5% ABV 

Quantity: 4pack/16oz. cans

Description: "Tag team, back again!" Back to the drawing board, and on the heels of one of Aaron’s favorite releases (The 2021 Fresh Hop West Coast IPA that featured Chinook). We wanted some punchy hop character and we figured we should throw in some CTZ hop in the oil boil as a bittering addition. Just the one can though, we aren’t cray-cray. Essentially, they take pellets and send them for a a swim in the deep end of liquid CO2 inside a tank. Leafy hop material you don’t want is vented and extracted out, resulting in some crazy, sticky hop oil that we have to toss in our kettle. We think you need some pellets though hot side and with dry hopping. Then, Chinook was feathered into the whirlpool and dry hop. Hop oil was added into the fermenter and bright tank before packaging. We used a blend of steam-distilled hop oil from Centennial, CTZ and Chinook. 

If there’s been any sort of Dab Lab IPA released in the Self Care line, this would be it. Some earthy, floral and punchy citrus vibe leave you wanting some more. Holding back that sandpaper unbalanced IPA vibe of the Early 2000’s where we counted IBU’s. We can hold back the diatribe that those are irrelevant (they are). However, making NA IPA for you from the Mecca of IPA, is not. 

WARNING: similar to many juices, kombucha, and other beverages you'll find in the grocery store, this product has not been pasteurized, and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.
PLEASE NOTE: like other beverage industries have been doing for centuries, we mitigate the potential for bacterial growth in other ways, rather than to pasteurize and destroy the nuanced flavors that make our beer stand out from many pasteurized non-alcoholic beer offerings, though we do acknowledge pasteurization is the most effective way to inhibit bacterial growth, or potential for refermentation in the can. Risk may be exacerbated by prolonged warm storage, so to mitigate risk, always cold-store Self Care immediately upon receipt, and avoid exposure to extreme heat.
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