Double Down Hazy Double IPA

Name: Self Care Double Down

Style: Hazy Double IPA

ABV: Less than 0.5% ABV 

Quantity: 4pack/16oz. cans

Description: A non-alcoholic double IPA sounds, a little, well, redundant. In fact, it sounds freaking stupid. I mean, the “double” part of a double IPA generally refers to a higher alcohol content. Right?

Well, sort of. Okay - I’ll give you a “mostly”. But that double alcohol content also means it’s brewed with a lot more grains, which contribute to a thicker mouth feel. And a double IPA also needs more hops to stand up to the higher ABV and bigger body in order to still taste like an IPA. So we brewed this with more hops. A lot more hops.

So, in our never-ending journey to bring you the most convincing non-alcoholic beer you’ve ever tried, brewer Aaron has innovated yet again, coming up with a methodology to create the body and hop profile you’d expect in a double IPA. All while still brewing the beer to an ultra-low ABV (rather than brewing a regular double IPA and then dealcaholizing it, which would destroy all those nuanced hop aromatics that really make our IPAs pop).

So, one could say that we “doubled down” on this beer in more ways than one, because the mouthfeel is so soft and pillowy that you’ll want to straight up lay down on it and take a nap. And...we don’t want to brag...but it also tastes really fucking good. So good, in fact, that we’ll likely incorporate some of what we’ve learned into future batches of our non-alcoholic IPAs moving forward (I'm looking at you, Freak Flag...).

And remember - as with any small batch brewed IPA, leaded or not - keep it cold, and drink it fresh. Don’t make us go through all this effort preserving the nuanced hop flavors so that you can let it sit in a hot garage this summer and die. If we wanted that to happen to our beer before you drank it, we'd sell it at Total Wine, "where beer goes to die™."

Buy it. Chill it. Drink it.

Notes from Brewer Aaron: We brewed this with a big malt body using some of our favorite malts. We hit the bittering charge with oil, and used Azacca, Citra and Barbe Rouge pellets in the whirlpool. We then gave it an extended hop stand on citra oil in the fermenter. We then dry hopped it with Azacca and Rouge in the fermenter. And that STILL wasn’t enough. So we hit the brite tank with experimental hop 586 of Yakima. 

ENOUGH OF THE JARGON AND LETS TRY IT: We are stupid proud of our first "Double IPA". It took double the risk (yeah, we dump batches from time to time because we're trying so much new shit), double the hops, double the labor, and double the love. And it was worth it.

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