Cascadia Super Gose

Name: Self Care Cascadia Super Gose

Style: Gose Brewed with Sea Salt, Pear, Rose Hips, Strawberries and Lavender

ABV: Less than 0.5% ABV 

Quantity: 4pack/16oz. cans

Description: One of the hardest bike races our head brewer and head chef have ever done is back for another edition. They're crazy enough to race it again, and we're crazy enough to partner up to brew a beer inspired by the race--AGAIN! And this year we are crossing our fingers for perfect weather!

You ready for some hydration magic? Well, this is the sports drink of beers. Oh, we skipped over the Gose bit - that’s a historic but popular beer style that is a little tart/zippy (not to be confused with bitter) and a little salty. The style originated in Germany, and it is pronounced "Goes - uhhh.”You didn’t ask why we decided to brew a gose, but we're gonna tell ya.

Warm weather is coming, and this style is ridiculously quenching. Known for a lower pH and exciting water profile, it features minerals that give you what your body craves after, in this case, raging out in the woods on two wheels, trying to find your dark place.

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