Block Party Fest Bier

Name: Block Party Fest(ival) Bier

Style: Festbier

ABV: Less than 0.5% ABV 

Quantity: 4pack/16oz. cans

Description: Let’s get the elephant right out of the room. There are numerous styles of festbier. This one is an homage to the Mecca that is German malting, brewed with the historic German malt, Isaria 1924, the oldest certified German heirloom brewing barley. We can’t imagine this has been brewed with in a non-alcoholic beer before, so that’s cool as hell.

To give the beer a historically accurate recipe, we added in some painfully expensive spelt malt (only the best for you!). This historic grain helps to give body and wheat like flavors, with the added benefit of being softer on those that have reactions to wheat. We then sprinkled in just a pinch of Munich malt because, well, "everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?". And just like that, a softer colored nuanced malt bill was born. I repeat, its not brown, or orange or copper. Its pale yellow, with a distorted haze from the spelt.

There were a lot of hops we could have used to be true to style, but it seemed fun to put our own riff on it. Perle and Opal hops it is. A Oregon beer brewery has raked in a coveted pair of Red Overalls for their lager skills recently using Perle in German lager, two years in a row I believe (full disclosure, our brewer also has earned himself a pair of those red overalls for a GABF Award winning Czech Pilsner). So, that hop has our attention. All this attention to detail creates our first go at a full-blown, non-alcoholic German style lager, and we couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.

Tasting Notes: Soft cracker notes, a mosh pit of floral spice, all with an encore worthy crushability. Drink side by side with a bohemian to see how similar but different two origins of amazing lager compare!

WARNING: similar to many juices, kombucha, and other beverages you'll find in the grocery store, this product has not been pasteurized, and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.
PLEASE NOTE: like other beverage industries have been doing for centuries, we mitigate the potential for bacterial growth in other ways, rather than to pasteurize and destroy the nuanced flavors that make our beer stand out from many pasteurized non-alcoholic beer offerings, though we do acknowledge pasteurization is the most effective way to inhibit bacterial growth, or potential for refermentation in the can. Risk may be exacerbated by prolonged warm storage, so to mitigate risk, always cold-store Self Care immediately upon receipt, and avoid exposure to extreme heat.
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