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Our Xmas Pack is sure to get you through the holidays, with two (2) 4packs of each of the following:

FREAK FLAG IPA - The Self Care enthusiasts have spoken. Well, some of y'all actually just sent us weird, cryptic notes (dang, y'all are a bunch of weirdos, lol). However, the consensus was, "KEEP MAKING THAT HAZE, BRAUGH". So, um, "OKAY". We will. Hell, we may as well even make it a "flagship" (see what we did there?). Well, we kind of made it a flagship. Because we're still going to play with the hop bill with each new batch. Because we like to mix things up. And because we're pretty sure that we all have ADHD, and get really bored with the same things over and over, and we really like hops, but we also like to perfect things, so that's actually a strange dichotomy, but anyway...I digress...

Anyway, this batch is brewed with Falconer's Flight, Lotus and Pekko. And the grain bill in Freak Flag will remain relatively the same from batch to batch - which includes some honey malt to emphasize the hop character and give it that beautiful orange hue. Oh, and as always, in our commitment to using quality ingredients, this batch is brewed with local micro malted grain from Skagit Valley Malting.

COOL BEANS COFFEE STOUT: Coffee was brought up for a Three Magnets brewery collaboration with our friends at Olympia Coffee Roasters (a Roast Magazine Micro Roastery of the Year Award Winner).

But we decided it would instead be way more cool to pursue a Self Care collaboration, because, frankly, we love coffee beers. But we aren't too keen on drinking coffee in the evening, nor drinking beer in the morning - so it just makes sense! On coffee delivery day, we threw SO MANY pounds of freshly ground coffee into the brew - so many, in fact, that we broke our old industrial coffee grinder (momentarily - we got it working again though!). And with the grain bill bustling with milk chocolate notes this brew really tastes like eating a chocolate covered coffee bean. Well, many of them. Sip, after sip, after sip. It's that freaking good.

CHALICE OF WISDOM: A blend of Skagit Valley and Mainstem Malt small batch craft malts come together to let one of Brewer Aaron's favorite European lager hops shine -  Callista. Callista  is a special new hop varietal grown in Germany, known for fruity and floral notes. This beer was cold conditioned, and then dry-hopped cold to allow the hops to push the fruity spectrum of the oil composition. After years of dedication to making lager beer, Aaron is excited to bring his experience further into NA flavor development.

Also, Callista (or "Calixte"), according to the interwebs, "can be a male or female given name" (fuck gender norms!), the origin of which is Greek, meaning "most beautiful or lovely", or in Latin it means "chalice". And y'all are fuckin' lovely people. And wise. So we brewed this for you.

Note: we highly recommend you find yourself a chalice to pour this into for "proper glassware". This won't so much improve the aroma or flavor, but it will be freaking cool.

please note: these beers are only available to preorder via this xmas case!

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