What If We Brewed a Fresh Hop NA Beer?

What If We Brewed a Fresh Hop NA Beer?

One of the bright spots for us at Three Magnets Brewing Co. during the pandemic has been the growth of our new NA beer line, Self Care. There is no playbook for NA beer, so we’ve had to forge our own path. We’ve experimented along the way with our brewing techniques, always demanding more of ourselves, and have appreciated all the constructive feedback and kudos. Many thanks to our customers, especially those who have been with us from the very start!

Our mission has been to develop high-quality NA craft beer that doesn’t cut any corners, and that celebrate the traditional brewing styles that craft beer drinkers love. Here in the Pacific Northwest - the hop capital of the world - one of those traditions includes the annual fresh hop harvest that comes around every August. Our head brewer Aaron has been brewing fresh hop beers for over a decade, and two years ago lead brewer Zach worked the annual hop harvest in the fields to get experience with picking.

Like wine grape harvesting, hop farmers work round the clock for weeks or months, across hundreds and thousands of acres, juggling which variety is ready at just the right time. And when they’re ready, they’re ready. Most of these hops get pelletized and vacuum sealed and put in climate controlled warehouses to fulfill hop contracts throughout the following years. But a small amount are set aside for the local brewers, who pick them up and get them into the kettle mere hours after being harvested from the bine (yes, bine! not vine!). And the difference in a fresh or “wet” hop compared to a dried hop or pelletized hop is akin to the difference between fresh basil and dried basil. It’s huge.

Many months ago, we wondered aloud how we might dedicate production capacity at the brewery to Self Care during fresh hop season.  We weren’t aware of any fresh hop NA available previously, and that kind of felt like a crime against humanity. What if we limited the amount of traditional leaded fresh hop beers we canned, and instead went all-in on the idea of Self Care fresh hop NA?

With that being said, we are VERY excited to announce that we are partnering with Roy Hop Farms this fresh hop season, and we will be brewing and canning three fresh hop beers!

Follow along with Nate and Aaron, as they hit the road this week to pick up the fresh hops, driving across the beautiful Cascade Mountain Range to Moxee, Washington (state) where the hops are born.  A road trip with these two is sure to be full of pith and random thoughts.  Chime in, ask questions, get answers (or wild guesses), and even suggest beer names. Who knows, they might even go live on Instagram or Facebook?

We are stoked to take you along for this exciting ride, and we can’t wait to ship these great Self Care fresh hop beers when they’re ready later this fall!  Pre-orders will start soon at www.drinkselfcare.com

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